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MAYA Srl is a consulting company, which caters to national and foreign companies, professionals and individuals, offering them services and assistance of the highest quality in accounting, management, administrative, fiscal and tax representation matters. The company combines a valid internal team of professionals with a network of external collaborations that ensure the utmost professionalism and specialization for any problem. The main objective is to offer companies an integrated, flexible advisory service in line with different needs and expectations. Today, more than ever, customers need to interface with someone who is able to respond to the most diverse needs and requirements.

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Services for companies doing business in Italy

  • Appointment of the VAT representative for non EU operators: we act on behalf of the non-resident subject due to the power of attorney given;
  • Direct VAT Identification in Italy for EU operators: we help to get the Italian VAT Number.

We provide them with the Bookkeeping and Accountancy services.

  • Determining the best company structure;
  • Effective tax planning and determination of tax liabilities;
  • Advising on taxation and VAT;
  • Drawing up balance sheets;
  • Drafting the minutes of the shareholders meetings and the Board of Directors’ meetings;
  • Preparing financial position and earnings analyses.
  • Providing ordinary and simplified accounting services for third parties;
  • Providing access to our electronic invoices system and the relative electronic storage;
  • Managing VAT fullfilments and VAT declarations;
  • Drawing up Trial balance;
  • Management control;
  • Providing monthly reporting.
  • Drawing up balance sheets;
  • Drafting the minutes of the shareholders’ meetings and the Board of Directors’ meetings;
  • Drawing up of all Fiscal fullfilments (Corporate taxes and Regional taxes);
  • Assistance in preparing a set of Transfer pricing documents in compliance with the Italian specifications.
  • Providing financial check-up though the specific tools (Cerved –Scoring CEBI system; Performance analysis Central Bank of Italy risks; Integrated Analysis of Business Crisis Alert Indicators - Cash driver);
  • Drawing up of business plans finalized to obtain loans from bank and/or to access European, national or local funds (provide through our partner FinAge Consulting Srl);
  • Companies evaluetion, branches and assets.
  • Drawing up of monthly payroll slips;
  • Drawing up of F24 forms for the monthly payment of IRPEF and INPS contributions;
  • Drawing up of the CU forms for the employees.
  • Drawing up of the form for the employees' fiscal deduction.
  • Drawing up and sending of Form 770 (withholding taxes) by computer procedure.
  • Helping our clients evaluate and structure the business deal from the beginning of the investment process;
  • Structuring mergers, acquisitions, joint venture agreements, leveraged and management buyouts in the most tax efficient way;
  • Investigating the financial statements of the target companies (by financial position and earnings analyses);
  • Performing rigorous due diligence to help our clients maximize the advantages of a transaction and asses risks that could hinder negotiations;
  • Assisting our clients in the negotiations of transactions, drafting and negotiating letters of intent, contracts and warranties;
  • Providing post merger/acquisition consultancy.
  • Providing auditing services as sole Auditor and/or member of the board of statutory auditors;
  • Providing services as “temporary” C.F.O. of companies and/or Local Controller.
  • Society risk mapping;
  • We draft organisational models;
  • We revise organisational models;
  • We assist and advise in connection with the creation of a supervisory body and its activity;
  • We advise in respect of cross-border matters and operations;
  • We implement governance policies required to prevent the commission of offenses;
  • We (try) to reduce all relevant risks in terms of Corporate Criminal Liability;
  • We update the Model 231 and the Code of Ethics.

We provide these services through our partner Ambrosio Maccaferri & Partners

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